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World Cup offers a multitude of programs for infants and toddlers. The Romperee Gymnastics program is designed to promote multi-sensory development for children from birth through three years old. We introduce them to sliding, rolling, and bouncing, which eventually leads to crawling, jumping, running, and swinging. We know you'll enjoy Romperee classes with our instructors who love to help each child have fun and feel successful as they learn and grow.

Held in our Romperee indoor playground, every Romperee class lasts 45 minutes, and is a parent/caregiver participation program. We start with 10-15 minutes of circle time with age-appropriate songs to encourage both gross motor and small motor development. Circle time is followed by 15-20 minutes of free play and exploration. Every class ends with another short circle activity (puppets, scarves, instruments, balls, etc.) and always includes parachute, bubbles, and stamps.

New Mommy Meet-Up and Infant Massage are also popular programs for our very little ones. Deepen your relationship with your child and socialize with other parents during these fun and valuable sessions.

Birthday parties for children up to 3 years old are also held in the Romperee Indoor Playground!
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